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Self and Between [userpic]

[System] Introducing Us

June 24th, 2007 (12:32 am)

We've made absolutely no bones about the fact that we are a considerably small sampling of a much larger multiple system. This is somewhat for our safety and honestly for the protection of others. We're not interested in offering more information that is kind or desired. There might be more information as time goes on.

But for the moment, we'll leave it to the members in the icons list. And we felt we should perhaps introduce each person as an individual. The "summaries" of them are, as most things tend to be, incomplete, but we'll do our best.

-"body aged", 23
-Black Cat therian
-Green mamba and Gyrfalcon totems/spirit guides
-Creative, intrepid, cheerful, friendly and brooding

-"body aged", 23
-Striated Caracara therian
-agnostic/disinterested in religion
-Witty, fun, withdrawn, introspective, identifies as transsexual

-"body aged", 23
-Black Fox therian
-Sister, friend, protector, snarky, dark

-Golden Jackal therian
-Spiritual, no religious affiliation
-Baker, cook, mama, grounded, thoughtful

-Red Panda therian
-Chipper, friendly, teasing, giggly, fun

-Late teens
-Kirin therian
-Shinto practicioner
-High-energy, fun, bouncy, exciteable, nuts

-Late teens
-Pale Fox therian
-Born Again Christian
-Soft-spoken, thoughtful, praiseful, religious, spiritual

-Mid 50s
-Sparrow Hawk therian
-russian wolf totem
-Ex-Spetsnaz, police officer
-Quiet, observant, dangerous, poised, russian

-Black Canid therian
-Gothic, mature, artistic, opinionated, pierced





To be continued