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selfandbetween's Journal

Self and Between
30 May 1984
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This is the journal of a multiple system.

What this does mean: "many minds one body", we have different likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies, habits and personal preferences, we many have different religions, sexual preferences, fears and phobias, we like different types of social situations and some of us are night people where some of us are morning people.

What this does NOT mean: that we are sick, that we are psychotic, that we cannot function in society, that we are frightening or dangerous, that we are sluts, easy targets, victims or liars.

This is not a game.
This is our reality.

You will find in this journal: open-mindedness, friendliness, sorrow, depression, talk about work, about personal hobbies, talk about memories (good and bad), personal writings, poems, song lyrics, photography and art.
abuse survivors, acrylics, adobe, anger, animals, anorexia nervosa, anthropomorphics, art, art challenges, atheism, baking, bipolar disorder, buddhism, characters, children, christianity, college, color theory, coloring, conures, cooking, corel, corgis, criminal justice, crying, cryptozoology, description, designing, details, deviant art, dialectic behaviors, discrimination, dissociation, drawing, emergency medical services, emo, emts, fae, faeries, faith, family, fashion, fear, firefighters, first aid, first responders, food, functionality, gay, glbt, goth, graphic editing, haphephobia, highlighting, illustrating, ingredients, jasc, journalling, labels, lesbian, life, lineart, living, lovers, lyrics, mages, magic, makeup, mitred conures, moleskin journals, multiplicity, muses, music, mythology, nanomango, nanowrimo, organics, pagan, paints, paranoia, parents, pastries, pencil art, personalities, pets, philosophy, photography, piano, playing piano, poetry, polyamory, post traumatic stress disorder, prose, psychology, punk, radio, rape, rats, raw foods, realism, reality, religion, religious freedom, roleplaying, safe sex, safe space, same sex marriages, scanners, screams, self expression, self identity, self regulation, shape shifters, si, siblings, sihkism, singing, social anxiety disorder, social work, stereotypes, tarantulas, team writing, therapy, traditional witchcraft, trauma, trust, understanding minds, vampires, veganism, vegetarianism, wacom tablets, watercolors, wicca, words, working, world building, writing, writing challenges, writing music